The Personal Responsibility of Each Teacher

Each Teacher has the personal responsibility:

1.            To develop: Breadth and Depth of Repertoire of Strategies

2.            To create: Capacity to align strategies / learning environments / curriculum / assessment

3.            To build: Sophistication of personal teaching frameworks and ensure fit with broader society

4.            To maintain: Interest in / Commitment to Learning

5.            To extend: Understanding of own field and how it integrates with others

6.            To understand: Appropriate (age, developmental, type) use of technology

7.            To effectively use: Simultaneous technology / Educational conversion of curriculum

8.            To ensure: Personal and Professional wellness. To lead towards Societal Wellness

9.            To self monitor: Personal / Professional Development and Assessment

10.          To build a Personal / Professional Cartography of Education

(C) Julie Boyd 2004

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