Boorish, “in your face” behavior is everywhere.

Boorish, “in your face” behavior is everywhere. Most of the time, I’m able to avoid it, or walk away from it, but not tonight. Even as we walked away from the restaurant and passed our loud partiers at the curb, one of them spied us and sneeringly said, “Oooh, everyone be quiet now.” We just kept walking.

Afoot in America is an astonishing sense of imperious entitlement. People are told they can have it all — heck, that they deserve it all — and to hell with anyone who raises an objection. Rugged individualism is not enough; roughshod individualism is the new American ethos.

Excellent account of personal experience which highlight the impact of rude, inconsiderate behaviour. This is far from just an American experience, and is certainly something experienced daily in Australia these days.

The question for Australian’s is where did this come from? Our historical ‘mateship’ culture has all but disappeared with the rise of selfish individualim.

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